Review of The Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser WP-660

The waterpik aquarius water flosser wp-660 is one of the best selling water flosser as of now. Why? The high patronage of the wp-660 waterpik aquarius model makes it to rank high among users as they find it good for their use. Even though there are different water flossers on the market that are worth considering, the aquarius water flosser wp-660 still stands out among the tons of the available water flossing unit.

Remember water flosser are not substitution for your dental floss but they are device which help to clean those difficult to reach areas your toothbrush can’t reach with just a stream of water. This device would get rid of food particles hidden between teeth spaces, strings and also are painless to the gumline and implants.

Getting yourself a water flossing unit today will be a wise decision. However, if you want to replace or just want to purchase your first water flosser ever, then consider reading this brief review on this product discussed below.

The Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser WP-660 Description


The white color unit is first in line of the categories of water flosser and has been certified by ADA (American Dental Association) as a mark of acceptance meeting up to dental cleaning requirement.

One unique feature that makes this water flosser popular among users is an easy to use system which provides more effective way to floss unlike most competitive units that are complex to use.

With its plenty water flossing tips up to 7, you and your household can make use of this unit by selecting/choosing your owe tips that best suit your needs and other household as well while saving you money that that is supposed to be use to purchase separate units for the entire home.

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It also feature 10 pressure settings which is a reasonable various levels of water releasing level to meet beginners, intermediate and pro flossing requirements. If you are a new user, you are advise to start with the lowest pressure settings so as to determine the level that will be comfortable with you while you gradually increase the speed as you master your units with time.

For easy and convenient use, the On/Off button is designed on the handle so that your finger tip can quickly locate it as you floss.

Other features available on this product is a LED light, 90 seconds water capacity and a covered tip storage compartment to protect your tips against dust and debris.

Here is the breakdown of the available tips:

  • Three classic jet tips.
  • One orthodontic tip.
  • One plaque seeker.
  • One pocket tip.
  • And one toothbrush.

To know how to use this WP 660 aquarius, you can watch this video as well which will teach and guide you on how to use the aquarius 660 flosser.

What’s more?

If you have braces, strings or you have implants, the waterpik aquarius water flosser wp-660 is essential for implants and also effective in cleaning around strings and braces. You can also rely on th wp 660 aquarius waterpik water flosser for plaque removal and for healthier teeth and gums.

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