5 Water Flosser Reviews and Comparative Guide

Going through this water flosser reviews and comparative chart will help you choose the best water flosser.  Should in case you want to purchase a water flosser for dental, implants, braces vs strings and gumline with variable pressure settings you can also rely on this post to pick the best flosser.

Flossing should be included as one important practice in your daily routine as per dental care hygiene. Areas in your teeth your toothbrush can’t get to such as the spaces between the teeth and gums, water flossing is the answer required if you truly want these areas to be cleaned. And if you ever think of flossing, what seamless device can you think of for your dental care? We recommend the waterpik flosser system as what you should be aiming to get today. Many dental physicians recommend this water flossing device for most patients and if you are waiting to hear from your medical practitioner before making a move, you will still be referred back to waterpik water flosser popularly known as water flosser.

Although you may not have been opportune to know this device in detail such as how it works but that shouldn’t bother you as it require no-tech-know-how operation. This means no formal knowledge required to use a water flosser. With the help of a manual guide, you are on the go-READY FOR FLOSSING.

What Is A Water Flosser?

A water flosser is an oral irrigator device developed for cleaning of the teeth and under gum-line which the traditional toothbrush can do. The water pick as also referred to, releases a constant amount of water when point between the teeth or the gum-line region to help remove food particles and also plaque from in-between teeth.

For a waterpik to work, you need to plug it to an electric source unless you are having a rechargeable model.  You will also need to put water into the pik reservoir and it is gentle and easy to operate.

Do You Really Need A Water Flosser?

Off course, if your daily brushing and flossing is yielding result for you and you like it that way, you may not need to use a water flosser but if your case is opposite then you are advised to get one for yourself. Besides, your partner, children, family members or friends may be in need of it, so you can package it as a gift for them.

In the market, the waterpik brand is the most common version of a water flosser you would likely to see so do not be overwhelmed about this finding. Our water flosser reviews still covers other brands which you may like as well. However, before the detail reviews go through the comparison guide below for a close look of individual items and their features.

1. Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser

The waterpik aquarius comes in a classic and compact design which is load free to enhanced daily dental floss. This waterpik is one of the professional water pick system as of now attracting lots of users, you can join the league as well for your morning or night floss.

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The advanced waterpik flosser is effective removing plaque up to 99.9% and essential for implants, strings, braces, and crowns. With ten pressure settings, select optimal speed for gradual speed flossing. For result and reliability, you can rely on this waterpik wp660 becuase it is certified by American Dental Association of as a tested and trusted unit.

The On/Off button water control button is located on the flosser handle and this makes flossing easier. Also with its 7 tips such as three jet tips, one pik pocket tip, one plaque seeker, one orthodontic tip and a toothbrush you will find this water flosser useful by choosing the tip you want.

2. Poseidon Rechargeable Oral Irrigator Updated Version

Grab the professional water flosser if you are looking for a portable unit for both home and travel trips water flosser which this product offers. The updated oral irrigator now comes with a long battery life and a large water reservoir that accommodate more water so that you can floss without running out of water.

Everything make easier, no need of plugging this water flosser as this product is a rechargeable unit which means you can use it anywhere and time. When you purchase the Poseidion oral irrigator, you will take hold of 3 speed such as normal, soft and pulse for your care needs.

Other unique features available in this item is a quiet motor, tip release button, easy to refill tank and a lithium battery included. The universal voltage water floss device that can be use in countries with voltage level ranging from 100 to 240V is BPA and FDA certified.

We also advise you to read consumer reports for a better selection process by visiting amazon.com below for details.

3. Waterpik Classic Professional Water Flosser

This is another waterpik cleanser you can as well look out for to help you keep a healthier and a fresher mouth. The WP 72 comes to you with three tips which includes two classic jet tips and a pik pocket tip to meet your flossing needs  but if you need a product that comes with more tips consider checking the wp-660 as a good recommendation.

The superior technology features an ideal water pressure and pulsations that cleanse deeply between the teeth spaces and beneath your gum-line to get rid of harmful debris and bacteria your normal brushing, string flossing and air flossing cannot reach.

The waterpik classic is very simple to use, just put water into the unit reservoir, place the tip of the flosser in your gumline for a release of gentle stream of water to begin your floss. And for those with sensitive teeth, you can use warm water or add mouthwash into the water.

The pressure control system with 6 custom settings features water release/ pause button located on the handle of the unit to allow the control of water easier as you do you floss your mouth. This unit is also ideal for individuals using braces but the bottom line, the product is designed to be use only by North American residents due to voltage requirement.

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4. Waterpik WP-560 Cordless Water Flosser

Here comes the pearly white color WP 560 advanced water pik for those in need of a cordless water flosser. The unit features 4 water releasing tips which you can interchange with ease and also equipped with three water pressure settings and 45 seconds of water capacity delivery.

The easy to hold also features a magnetic charger which eliminate clustering of wire and with its LED battery indicator, lets you know if your unit is charging or not.

One unique feature you will enjoy while using this unit is the 360 degree tip rotation which allows you place the tips as you like for convenient flossing.

When you buy this advance water pik today, you will also get a microfiber travel bag and a travel plug for your entire journey so that you can take your unit along.

With its electronic pressure settings, easily personalize pressure level starting from low to medium and high level as you may desire. For more detail about user reviews pertaining this item, find the link below useful by clicking on it.

5. Waterpik WP100W Ultra Dental Water Flosser

As you can see from the image, this unit isn’t portable enough for travel but a perfect choice for home use. However, with the WP100W, you are provided an apartment in the unit for the storage of the tips to prevent them from bacteria and other harmful micro-organism coming in contact with them.

The ultra dental water flosser is ideal for implant flossing and also good for the removal of plaques around braces vs string floss while using the orthodontic tip. This flosser features 6 tips and 10 pressure settings to customize your flossing needs by selecting a desire pressure level.

How to Use a Water Flosser

If you have concluded trying water flossing today, this video embedded here will guide you correctly on how use a water flosser.

As a newbie, starting with a low pressure setting will enhance your use even though people do find it weird at first but surely get use to the device.

Different versions are available for purchase. Some models can be use along side with your shower as you bath. Locating and choosing the right one through our water flosser reviews is possible.

Most frequently asked questions

1. Who Do Experience Gum Bleeding?

When you brush, do you see blood on your dental floss? This condition is usually associated to two reasons. It can be cause by gum disease or by hard brushing.

Having gum disease mean your gums has been infected by bacteria. The severe state of this infection can degenerate to tooth loss and I know you don’t want that to happen to you. So if you notice your gum is unhealthy, try booking an appointment with a dental scientist for a checkup.

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On the other hand, bleeding gums can also be caused by flossing too hard. When flossing ensure to do a gentle message around your teeth and the gum. Do not over jam the floss or scrape too hard up the gumline.

However, if you the result come positive of having gum disease after diagnosis by your doctor and yet you have some difficult to clean areas of your teeth that continued with bleeding despite careful dental brushing, waterpik flossers can be a good consideration to help clean these places.

2. Those Who Wear Braces

Food particles get stuck in people that wear braces. This can be annoying and also increases your chances of experiencing cavities problems. With the use of a water flosser, you can clean and rinse your teeth after each meal which is easier to use to compare to dental floss.

There are some rechargeable portable units that you can quickly engage to get this done. You can shop for one as they are inexpensive and requires no plugging to power source. I recommend this WP-560 as a consideration.

3. Those Who Have Dry Mouth

Saliva helps to cleanse the mouth and also prevents accumulation of sticky plaque on your teeth and gum but genetics and certain medication can hinder you from producing saliva making your mouth to dry out. Not only that dry mouth makes you uncomfortable but can also leads to cavities and gum disease.

Trying a water flosser is a fast way to moisturize the mouth and at the same time eliminate sticky plaque as a result of dry mouth.

Although it is not a long time solution for people with dry mouth condition but it is a quick way to get the mouth watery and also helps to remove stucked up food particles from the mouth. However, here are some lasting remedies to dry mouth problem:

  •  Cultivate the habit of drinking plenty of liquid daily.
  •  Try the use of special mouthwashes and toothpaste
  •  And if your dry mouth is caused by medication, talk with your health scientist to administer alternative option

4. Those Food Remains Gets Stuck In Between Their Teeth

Food particles do get stuck in some people teeth compare to others. This could be attributed to the shape of their teeth or when the teeth are not well aligned. For instance, people having gap between their teeth and gums are more likely to experience this.

Dental walls, strings and implant will also encourage food particle build up teeth. The good news is that a water flosser use can help remove them without feeling of pain or gum inflammation.

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