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Growing up, we were taught good dental hygiene and why it is necessary to uphold brushing of our teeth at least two times a day. Even though we practice dental floss daily but back then, most of us were really not concern about the types of toothbrushes available to carry out daily floss need. All we know wake up in the morning and floss likewise in the evening after meal. Till date, only a few stills know that electric toothbrushes exist apart from the manual toothbrushes. I will therefore want to let you know about the electric ones and why you should get one for yourself and family.

As the name implies “electric toothbrush”, it simple means a tooth brush that uses electric energy as a means of working. The mode of working is the only thing that differentiates the electric type and the manual ones. However, for those who are used to manual dental brush, it is never too late. You can still upgrade to the electric units but before you do so, let’s quickly take a close look at the benefits and drawback of electric toothbrush below.

Benefits of Using Electric Toothbrush

  1.Faster Cleaning Time

In the real world, electric toothbrush has been tested to covers a large area of teeth faster compare to the manual brush. According to finding, you can only make up to 300 strokes per minutes while using manual tooth brushes. On the other hand, electric toothbrushes make up to 1000 strokes in a minute. In some cases, up to 10,000 strokes is possible.

  2.Reduces serious teeth condition

Various studies has also shown electric toothbrush to be effective as it helps reduce gum and periodontal diseases.  In order words, as it reduces your chance of getting periodontal diseases also cut down your chances of serious health state such as heart diseases, strokes etc. which can be a threats to life.

  3.Helps save medical bills

The use of an electric-toothbrush helps reduce your risk of cavities because electric toothbrush reduces gum inflammation and plague that leads to cavities. So practicing proper oral hygiene can save you good money that is supposed to be spent on dental care and medical bills in the long-run.

For instance, averagely, tooth filling can gulp up to $100 – $1000+. This does not include the money you will be spending on the medical bills. So it worth investing on a unit of electric toothbrush that only cost about $50 dollars to prevents painful health condition that are related to untreated  teeth decay and periodontal diseases.

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Also gum inflammation that results from periodontal diseases could heighten your risk to heart disease. Conclusively, heart attack treatment could take up to $1,500 from your savings even with a secure health insurance.

However, without secured insurance, heart attack would cost you between 18,000 dollars and 100,000 dollars on treatment and even more in emergency cases.

Here is a summary of who an electric toothbrush can be of benefits to:


  •  Children who finds in troublesome to brush thoroughly with manual ones can use the electric unit.
  •  Electric toothbrush is just a perfect device for people with braces as it helps clean in and out of the metal and the wires.
  •  Your dentist may recommend an electric toothbrush if you find it difficult removing plague with manual toothbrush.
  •  Those who don’t like using their hands can will find electric unit helpful.
  •  An electric toothbrush is more expensive to the manual one. A typical manual toothbrush will cost you less than $ but an electric toothbrush model cost up to a 100dollars investment.
  •  You will also need to replace your electric toothbrush head about 3 months which adds up to running cost.
  •  Even though, electric tooth brushes are known to help for effective teeth and gum cleaning, it still requires you placing on the teeth and gum line for you to achieve this if not you may be having a false sense of brushing properly.
  •  Electric toothbrushes are bulky compare to the manual ones. So it may be difficult to carry along in a brief case while traveling.

Top 4 Best Electric Toothbrush Reviews

1. Oral-B Pro 7500 SmartSeries Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush

To maintain stronger and healthier teeth daily with a toothbrush, Oral B 7500 unit is a rightful mouth brush for your need.  The B pro combine 3D cleaning movement while ensuring the toothbrush head stick to teeth as it oscillates  and pulsates to breaking up and eliminates plague compare to manual units.

The smartSeries features a customizable smart ring that let you received response from brushing timer, pressure sensor and Bluetooth connection effortlessly. You can also connect the Oral B toothbrush to a Smartphone to get real time feedback on your cleaning level for improved dental hygiene. Simply download the Oral B app to enable this experience.

Also, the rechargeable unit will offer you 5 cleaning mode such as :

The bottom line, this Oral B electric rechargeable toothbrush is doctor recommended and is acceptable all over the world. You can consider having this toothbrush or better still, continue with the rest product review.

2. Electric Toothbrush, Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries Rechargeable

This is another professional toothbrush from Oral B Company designed for those in search of electric toothbrush with class. The Pro 7000 series is a rechargeable unit that offers daily oral health practice. This means no more struggling and wasting time cleaning your teeth with a manual toothbrush.

Also, this model feature a real-time feedback providing your cleaning habit over time to know if there are some areas or there is need for improvement. One other remarkable feature, it senses and informs you when you brush your teeth too hard, so that you can adjust to avoid pains.

In addition, the 7000 pro smartseries mode of operation is similarly to that of the 7500 pro. That is 3d movements ensuring all areas are well cleaned thoroughly compare to your ordinary toothbrush.

Also, with up to 6 mode settings for cleaning, you will get the most out of your day to day oral care with the Oral-B 7000 pro unit. Check the mode below:

  •  Daily clean
  •  Whitening
  •  Sensitive
  •  Deep cleaning
  •  Gum care
  •  and Tongue cleaner


  •  A unit of rechargeable toothbrush handle
  •  One pro white head brush
  •  Unit of Cross Action brush head
  •  One sensitive brush head
  •  Wireless SmartGuide available
  •  Brush head storage and charging station

The oral b 7000 smart brush is a real time feedback unit that will provide needed data concerning your teeth cleaning. Don’t miss out! Make use of this opportunity by placing your investment on it.

3. Electric Toothbrush, Oral-B Pro 5000 SmartSeries Rechargeable

Another wonderful product, comes the Oralb 5000, it also belongs to the smartseries family of oral b toothbrush. Most relevant features you expect from any high price Oral b product are equipped in this 5000 Pro.

The Pro unit features 5 method of cleaning which gives you the ability to meet your daily teeth washing care. To ensure you clean and get the best result, the manufacturer equipped the unit with a floss-action round brush featuring micro pulses bristle. The features doesn’t end there, you will also find a manual toothbrush in the package for regular brushing.

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To add, the unit also communicates with Smartphone, giving you data about cleaning events, helping you improve if there is need to. There is also a pressure light that shown a light on the brush and on your Smart-phone should in case you are brushing too hard.

The 3d rotation will do a great mouth, teeth and receding gum line cleaning while removing stains, decay and other plagues that’s awful. You can check this item below with investment plan.

4. Triple Bristle Best Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Tripple Bristle is an award winning electric toothbrush among consumers and it designed by a household brand called Sonic. So if you’re looking forward to having cleaner and whiter teeth, you can rely on this Tripple electric toothbrush to achieve that for you.

The Sonic unit is scientifically tested to clean teeth better and faster in one-third the time when compared with ordinary sonic toothbrush. This gives the product an edge over manual ones as an electric unit. Now you can rely on the Sonic electric brush when it comes to speed than their manual toothbrushes.

Patients with braces, implants and dentures, will find the 3 soft bristle head useful without hurting themselves. Even doctors recommend that soft brushes are good for gum soreness, plague removal and prevent bleeding.


  •  3 sided brush
  •  Electric, rechargeable battery
  •  31,000 Sonic Stroke vibration per minutes
  •  Sonic Handset

Three Clean Method

  •  High/clean
  •  Soft/gentle
  •  Massage

I highly recommend you read more review on amazon, for more details how this unit functions.

In conclusion

I guess, have been able to enlighten you on what is electric toothbrush, its advantages and disadvantages. I’ve also show you my top selected electric toothbrush reviews of which 3 are from the same brand Oral B and the last but not the least from Sonic. Hopeful, I believe you can now beat your chest and say, you have learnt a few here concerning the topic. So, wish you the best of luck if you decide to purchase any unit here or visits other places. Thanks for reading my post.

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