Review of Top 5 Best Mouthwash for Gingivitis Problem

If you’re looking forward to purchase a mouthwash to reverse gingivitis, consider checking here with my top best mouthwash for gingivitis reversion. Other information about gingivitis is also provided which I advise you to read entirely. One, THING, you should know,

Gingivitis is one of the common gum diseases that affect one out of 10 persons in the United Sates populace. It’s simply means inflammation of the gum. The condition is mostly caused by the activity of bacteria present in plaques. And plaques are those sticky white and yellow substances that attach to the roots of our teeth. They form naturally through the interaction of the food we eat and serve as homes to bacteria living in the mouth.

However, when these bacteria becomes too much after feeding from the sugar found in the food we eat, they start attacking the gums and tissue adjacent to the teeth leading to swelling or inflammation.

The good thing is that gingivitis is the early stage of gum diseases and can easily be cured. However, if adequate care is not taken, gingivitis may lead to acute periodontics and tooth loss. Dentist recommends regular brushing for not less than two minutes at least twice in a day and also daily flossing.

But we can still take other preventive measures like having a mouthwash handy for immediate use after every meal or in-between the day. WHY? Mouthwash is practical and portable. They can fit easily into our drawers at the offices, our pockets and even bags.

You can use this mouthwash to rinse the mouth before a big date, a big meeting or a big talk so as to add more boost and confidence to your smile. Additionally, mouthwash can serve as a medication for those suffering from gingivitis.

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How does mouthwash help gingivitis Individual?

  • Mouthwash ensures that your mouth remain dry, sugar free and clean so that plaque that causes gingivitis do not occur.
  • Most mouthwash contains antimicrobial properties that fight against the activities of gingivitis causing bacteria.
  • Some mouthwash has analgesic components that can help reduce inflammation and pain caused by gingivitis conditions.
  • It is more importantly a preventive measure and supplement to our normal dental routine i.e. brushing and flossing.

Review of 5 Best Mouthwash for Gingivitis Problem

Knowing the usefulness of a mouthwash should also be complemented by knowing the right mouthwash product best for you. Since it is not advisable to pick up any mouthwash from the drug store without knowing if it specifically meets your need, we have put together a review of five mouthwashes that tackle gingivitis.

1. The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Anti-gingivitis

This particular mouthwash uses natural ingredients that help to fight gum disease.  If you are a freak for natural products then Natural Dentist is sure bet if you want to rid that gingivitis problem fast. It does not contain alcohol; as such it would not burn your teeth, gums or cheeks. And it freshen the breath.

79% percent of 90 customers who rated it on Amazon had positive feedback to give on how it helped them manage and cure gingivitis problem. The product comes as in a Pack of 3 bottles; each bottle is 16.9 ounce, making it cost effective.

2. The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Antigingivitis Mouthwash

This is yet another product from the Natural Dentist although with a different flavour. You can trust this product because it:

  • Treats bleeding gums
  • Fights gingivitis
  • Freshen breaths by fighting bad odour
  • Contains no alcohol, no artificial flavours, colors or preservative.
  • And is made with 20% purified Aloe vera and other natural ingredients. This makes it suitable for vegetarians.
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When used regularly, it works to fight the buildup of plaque and consequently prevents the occurrence of gingivitis. And 70% of amazon customers who rated this product have positive feedback to give.

3. TheraBreath Dentist Formulated PerioTherapy Healthy Gums Treatment Kit

This mouthwash combines three effective chemicals to totally fight against gingivitis. It contains:

  • Concentrated perio2: The function of this chemical is to provide oxygen to gum tissues that are damaged and to attack anaerobic bacteria.
  • Zincrx: Produces zinc-ion that neutralizes the effect Sulphur-exuding bacteria. Consequently the bacteria are not able to produce Sulphur which is the major cause of mouth odour.
  • Coq10, aloe vera, tea tree oil are also a component of this mouthwash that helps to rebuild damage gum cells.
  • Pyrophosphate: Helps to prevent plaque and tartar from building up on tooth surfaces.

At the end, you can be sure of having a healthy mouth free from gingivitis. It is therefore a perfect blend of natural and chemical ingredients for a healthy gum.

Contents of the package include:

  • One Measuring Cup
  • One 100 ml tube of PerioTherapy Gel/Toothpaste
  • One 500 ml bottle PerioTherapy Rinse
  • Katz’s Oral Health Secrets Booklet
  • Two moldable treatment trays.

4. OraMD Original – Gingivitis, Bleeding Gums – 100% Pure Essential Oils

This is a mouthwash that doubles as toothpaste as well as a mouthwash. It contains highly concentrated and freshly extracted pure spearmint leaf, peppermint leaf oils, and pure sweet almond kernel oil with all ingredients 100% natural.

It also has a number of functions which include:

  • Fighting cavities and preventing tooth stains
  • Clinically proven to kill bacteria that causes gingivitis and periodontal diseases
  • Its Minty flavour (made from components of menthol, terpenes, ketones, esters, aldehydes) helps to combat bad breath and leaves a fresh minty after taste after brushing.
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However, this mouthwash can be an issue to people who have sensitive gums, but with promises to normalize after a while (a month or more). So if you have very sensitive gum, it is advisable that you check another product.

5. TheraBreath 24 Hour Healthy Gums Periodontist Oral Rinse

You can trust this other mouth rinse by TheraBreath because of the raving reviews it enjoys on Amazon by over 400 satisfied customers. This has made it one of Amazon’s bestselling mouthwashes.

It has analgesic and antiseptic components that help to relieve pain as well as fight plaque causing gingivitis. It was formulated by Periodontist to treat gingivitis, bleeding gums, and plaque buildup.

TheraBreath mouthwash also has Dr. Katz’s patented Oxygenating compounds + Zinc compound that helps to fight bacteria that causes bad breath. It contains no artificial flavours, color or additives and no alcohol.

You can trust that your gums and mouth would not feel irritated or burned with this product. Its pleasant mild flavour leaves a pleasant after taste in your mouth. It also contains natural non-decay producing xylitol and is suitable for vegetarians.

In Conclusion

You don’t have to suffer painful gingivitis condition alone; neither should you make your gum vulnerable to it. Adding any of the best mouthwash for gingivitis reviewed above along with daily flossing and brushing means that your gum will remain healthy and strong for a long time.

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