Dental Floss Vs Waterpik Which Is The Best Flossing Method

Dental Floss Vs Waterpik Which Is The Best Flossing Method

Keeping your teeth healthy does not require much. Apart from regular visits to the dentist’s office, brushing and flossing is also very important. That you brush twice a day doesn’t totally keep the plaques and tooth ache away, flossing alongside is the total effect. This is because while your toothbrush scrub at the surfaces of your teeth, waterpik goes the extra mile by scraping off plaques and food particles stuck between the teeth; in places where the toothbrush cannot reach.

Fortunately, they are options available for your flossing routine. You can either use a dental floss or Waterpik. But when the options boil down to choosing which is more effective and appropriate for you. I would like to think that the best flossing routine should be one which you enjoy and can comfortably do. I mean, what would be the point of using a dental floss if you find it difficult and technical, or using a Waterpik device if you have personal reservations about water flossing.

Your dentist too might also recommend a method which he thinks will be best for you, but our major concern is to compare the advantage and disadvantage of both methods so you can decide independently which would better serve your flossing need.

What is a dental floss?     

Dental flossing is a more traditional form of flossing. It involves the use of a transparent string-like material to run between teeth holes and gum in order to remove plaque and food particles stuck there. They are available as precut dental pics and long strands you can cut yourself. They can be use with different toothpaste and wax/unwaxed strand.

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Using a dental floss allows you control over the pressure and time to spend on the teeth. With a dental floss, you can pointedly scrape at a stubborn plaque or tartar until it removes.

Dental floss is effective if the individual knows how to manipulate the string efficiently. It requires skill and dexterity borne out of continuous use; but this technicality is a factor that makes it unpopular with some people. Children and elderly often times find it difficult to use and manipulate, as such they are discouraged from regular flossing. Other pros and cons associated with dental floss are:


  1. Effective plaque removal: this method is viewed as highly effective because it involves an amount of pressure and concentration from the individual. You can choose to concentrate flossing in are where plaque are evidently more present, only moving further when it has been satisfactory removed.
  2. Cost effective: unlike a Waterpik device which cost quite a fortune for purchase and tip replacement; a roll of dental floss costs much less. This ensures that you can easily floss no matter your budget.
  3. Highly mobile: dental floss is packaged in portable container that doesn’t take up bag space when traveling or moving. You can put into your bag for use at the office, restaurant, and hotel or wherever you find yourself.


  1. Unable to reach some areas: Teeth gaps around the molars are usually tight and far-reaching, dental floss find it hard to penetrate those areas because of the technicality in handling the strings.
  2. Gum bleeding: It is easy to hurt your gum with the string if you don’t know how to use it, for this reasons most people shy away from flossing if it is their only option.
  3. Difficult for some persons: Children and people suffering from arthritis can’t handle the floss, this leads to irregular or total boycott of flossing.
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What is a waterpik flosser

Waterpik also known as oral irrigator is a device that uses high pressure water flowing through a tip to remove plaques and food particle stuck between the teeth. Waterpik is a modern flossing device with different design and model to suit each individual. Added to this is the various tips meant to serve varied purposes.


  • Easy to use: Waterpik is easy to use, in one minute you have taken care of your flossing need. All the work is done for you, you only just have to direct the tip around your teeth.
  • Effective: A Waterpik tip reaches every corner of your teeth, even the far-seated molars. You don’t have to worry about how to manipulate the string around those areas. Your Waterpik takes care of it.
  • Good for braces, crown and bridges: When wearing orthodontic works, dental flossing might prove difficult because of the obstructions. But with Waterpik, the water can easily clean in and around the braces, making it impossible for plaques to grow.


  • Quite expensive: The Waterpik device is quite expensive and the tips have to be replaced in 3 or more month’s interval. If funds are not available, it could hamper on regular flossing.

In Conclusion

As can be seen, the advantage of using Waterpik for flossing is numerous, therefore fund, which is the slight disadvantage shouldn’t deter you from purchasing one especially when you look at the long run and all that you would gain.

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