Best Dental Floss Picks 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

Flossing is an essential part of maintaining good oral health. Regular flossing helps to clean parts of your teeth that would behave otherwise unreachable with a toothbrush. A dental floss pick is a regular floss with a pick at its end. There are several types of dental floss and the truth is that there is no single floss that is “right” for everyone. The best dental floss picks is one that meets your own specific needs. To find the right product for you, you may have to check through several reviews like this and compare various products. To simplify this process for you, we have chosen eight of the best dental floss picks on the market. These are top quality products to help your clean those hard-to-reach parts of your mouth for complete dental health. We have also included a list of things to look out for in dental floss picks to make it easier for you to make the right choice. Here is a review of eight of top-rated dental floss picks.

Top 8 Rated Best Dental Floss Picks Reviews

1. DenTek Fresh Clean Floss Picks | Silky Comfort Floss 

The DenTek Fresh Clean Floss Picks is a 3-in-1 package for complete oral care. It includes a floss, textured pick, and a tongue cleaner. The floss tape is ultra-silky floss which allows it to slide between your teeth smoothly. It is also quite strong which means you won’t have to worry about breaking it.

The pick is textured which helps to clean the teeth effectively to remove plaque efficiently. Each pick has an advanced fluoride coating which leaves a long-lasting mint that freshens the mouth. The tongue also has a minty flavor that helps to fights bad breath.

Putting it all together, the DenTek Fresh Clean Floss Picks is a complete package that gets rid of plaque, protects the tooth from decay, and also cleans the tongue and prevent bad breath. 

2. FAMILIFE Dental Floss Picks 240 Picks Threader Flosser

FAMILIFE Dental Floss is unflavored which makes it an ideal choice for people who don’t like minted or flavored floss. The picks are made from high polymer materials that are generally more resistant and designed to be slippery to prevent damage to the tooth. The threads themselves are strong and they slide smoothly between teeth. 

One of the most remarkable features of this threader flosser is that it comes in a travel-friendly case. This makes it easy to carry the flosser with you in a hygienic way when you are on the go. It also features a unique handle that is non-slip and quite durable. The handle is designed to minimize stress and improve your flossing experience. 

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3. Oral-B Glide Floss Picks-30 Count

This is one of the pricier options on the market but it is well worth its cost if you can afford it. This dental floss has a unique design that helps it to remove tough plaque in between the teeth without hurting the gums. This makes it an ideal product even for users with a sensitive gum.

The floss is non-minted. It is smooth and shred resistant. It also has the right thickness which makes it a great buy if your teeth are tight and you are on the lookout for something that will fit in without breaking off. 

4. GUM Angled Flossers Fresh Mint 75 Each

This Flosser pick from Eez-Thru has an impressive design that improves its flossing efficiency. The strings are top grade and are designed to be shred-resistant while still being gentle on the gum. They also have a satin-like finish which allows the picks to slide through the teeth no matter how tight they are.

This flosser pick is effective for removing plaque than regular toothbrushes alone cannot remove. As part of this pick’s impressive design, the handle has a molded Y shape. This provides excellent grip, support and makes the floss easier to control.

5. Gum Eez-Thru Flossers Mint

This minted flosser comes highly recommended by professional dentists. It efficiently gets rid of plaque between the teeth and is a lot more efficient compared to regular toothbrushes. You will love how ergonomic this flosser is. It is specially designed to be easy to maneuver.

It has a widened finger rest which makes the handle quite easy to control and comfortable to use. To further improve handling, the handle has a ribbed grip. Thanks to this design, you can even use this flosser with just one hand.

6. Plackers Micro Mint Dental Flossers

Plackers Micro Mint Dental Flossers is a high-performance floss that promises extra durability. Plackers calls it the supper tooth floss because it is designed not to break or stretch. It promises a reliable flossing experience. In addition to flossing, the pick end of this flosser also helps to get rid of debris and plaque between the teeth.

You will also love the fact that the toothpick folds away when not in use which is a hygienic option. This is a minted floss which means it will not only clean your mouth but also leave it refreshed. 

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7. GUM Soft-Picks Original Dental Picks

This product is more of a pick than a floss but it also has an end with flexible bristles that are strong enough to get rid of plaque while massaging the tongue. The bristles are made from synthetic rubber which fits between the teeth easily and is gentle on the gums.

The pick has an innovative curved design. This allows it to reach into areas of the mouth that you will probably have a hard time reaching with a toothbrush or other types of floss. The handle is also longer. This is a more ergonomic design has it gives the user a stronger grip and makes using this pick quite comfortable. 

8. Oral-B Glide 3d White Floss Picks Radiant Mint

According to Oral-B, this tooth floss slides between the teeth up to 50% more conveniently compared to floss from other top-rated manufacturers. This makes this minted floss perfect for removing plaque and stain from people with all forms of tooth structure.

Ease of use is one of the top features of this floss. It is simple to use and you can handle the floss pick with just one hand. It is also quite durable. You don’t have to bother about your floss pick constantly breaking during use. The Oral-B Glide 3d is top quality and shred resistant which compensates for the high price of this product.

What should You Check Out Before Buying Dental Floss Picks

There are many types of dental floss picks available in the market with a lot of differences between them. To choose the best floss pick, here are some of the things you need to check: 

  •  Disposable VS refillable: Disposable floss picks are designed for one-time use. Some of them can be used a few times before you eventually toss them out. They are just like disposable razors and the package usually contains several flosses picks so you can pick a new one once you dispose of the old one. A refillable pick on the other hand has heads that can be removed and replaced with a new strand of floss. You don’t have to dispose of the entire floss. You simply replace the head with a fresh one after each use. 
  •  The handles: the handle of the floss pick determines how easy to use it will be. Good floss picks feature non-slip handles that make them quite easy to hold. Some are so ergonomic that you can hold them with just one hand. This is an important consideration especially if you have dexterity issues. 
  •  High tech vs no-tech? Dental floss can be regular with no special features, but there are high-tech options as well. These types of floss picks are battery-powered. They may also have additional features such as a gum massager. 
  •  The shape of the floss picks: typically, floss picks come in two shapes. They can be broad or curved. Although both types still have pretty much the same functions most people prefer curved picks because they are easier to use in cleaning the back of your mouth. Flat floss picks will get the job done too but they are harder to use in the hard-to-reach parts of the mouth
  •  The thickness of the floss: this is a matter of personal preference and not about the floss itself. The thickness of the floss pick you choose depends largely on the gap between your teeth. If the gaps are larger than a thick floss is recommended. Similarly, if you have tight gaps between your teeth, a thin floss pick that easily goes between your teeth will be a better option. 
  •  Waxed vs unwaxed: this is another factor that depends on the gap between your teeth. You will find waxed picks more convenient if the gaps between your teeth are tight or if you have braces or any other type of dental floss. If this is not the case, then an unwaxed floss pick should be good enough. 
  •  Minted or non-minted: dental floss picks can be minted or non-minted. Minted picks offer the added advantage of helping to freshen your mouth and get rid of mouth odor. But some people find mints irritating or are outright allergic to them. If you are one of those people then you would do better with a non-minted floss pick 
  •  Check for ADA approval: the American Dental Association checks and vets dental floss picks. Although this is not a sure sign that a floss pick will meet your specific need perfectly, an ADA certification shows that the product has been deemed effective and safe to use. 
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These are some of the best floss picks in the market. You can choose from any of the reviewed products by following the buyer’s guide above. Our top choice would be the DenTek Fresh Clean Floss Picks but any of the other options would be great as well. 

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