Best Water Flosser Consumer Reports 2023

Having been to the dentist before, I got to understand the usefulness of a water flosser to be one best and painless oral hygiene method. Dental floss is not a bad technique but can be painful and can cause bleeding gums. Besides, very tough to use within crevices, whereas a water flosser does it seamlessly sending pressure water out of the tip into your mouth, reaching every corner breaking down food particles and repelling bacteria.

This water picking device is powerful for removing plaque that builds up near the gum line and also between teeth. If you have implants, crowns, braces, or other dental-work, water flossing is going to make things easier for you compared to traditional flossing technique.  

Even the America Dental Association recommends the use of water flosser (Waterpik) as part of the daily oral hygiene method. ADA label is a mark placed on units that meet industry quality and the standard, by this organization as such you can determine the best water flosser using this criterion. 

However, today we are going to be showing you our water flosser reviews, and other components of a water flosser. Though dentists do recommend a water flosser, nevertheless, you need to know what you are buying before investing in one.

1. 1st Runner Up: Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser Designer Series – WP 672

Going by the various types of a water flosser, choosing a countertop unit such as this Waterpik wp672, you don’t need much hassle fighting with your teeth, not like dental floss. With this Waterpik Aquarius Professional, Water Flosser Designer healthier gum line and brighter teeth are a guarantee just within a few days. An easy to use and a very effective way, to prevent building-up bacteria, and food remains found in-between teeth, and around the gum-line.

It comes with variable pressure settings for you to choose a suitable level, and up to 90 seconds of water supplying capacity will carry you through the entire flossing time. This unit featured seven water flosser tips plus a storage case to keep them from germs. The device is compatible with a 120VAC/60Hz electrical outlet. For you not to void the warranty, the manufacturer warns that it is only for use in North America, therefore outside this territory no warranty back-up. 

A reviewer of this item said very superior in cleaning around braces, essential for implants, and great for plaque removal. Also, it improves gums up to 50% in just 14 days of applying it.

Features at Glance

  • 10-pressure settings
  • 7-flossing tips
  • Ninety seconds of reservoir capacity
  • It comes with a storage case 
  • Weighs 2 pounds 
Who should use a Waterpik?

Everyone is expected to use it, but if you are among these categories, then is a recommendation:

  • If you have dental implants 
  • Those who wear braces 
  • Ideal for people with crowns
  • People with non-removable bridgework
What are the pros of Waterpik? 
  • The device is easy to use
  • Get to-hard-to-reach-areas 
  • Best for cleaning tight spaces between teeth

2. Best For Travelling: Waterpik Cordless Water Flosser Rechargeable Portable Oral irrigator – Advanced, Wp-563

If you are looking for a water flosser for both home and travels, this Waterpik Cordless Oral irrigator for Travel and Home is an excellent product that meets this specification. It is very portable and handy to carry around, thanks to the cordless design. This unit is also rechargeable as such don’t need plugging to an electrical outlet or also no wire cluttering that people face with the countertop units.

It is tested and trusted and clinically proven to remove up to 99% of the plague from treated sections and also 50 percent more effective to dental floss for gum health improvement. It is also perfect for implants, braces, and different dental work.

Remember, when you purchase the Waterpik Cordless Water Flosser Advanced Wp-563, you are not just getting an ordinary water flosser but a product supported by ADA. The waterproof design is ideal for shower or bath, water can’t affect it because it is water-resistant. The operation involves you selecting from 3-speed settings varying from 45 -75 PSI for custom cleaning. Most importantly, it runs with ultra-quiet-sound. 

According to consumer reports gathered, they said the Waterpik Wp-563 is nice to travel with, weightless, quiet and allows for custom speed flossing. More so, the extended warranty years is another thing why reviewer rate this product as their best cordless water flosser.


  • 2-years warranty 
  • 360-degree tip rotation 
  • It has 4-tips 
  • Three-speed pressure settings 
  • It comes with ADA seal of acceptance 
  • Rechargeable and takes 4 hours for full charging
  • A low battery indicator informs you when to recharge it 
  • Compact, cordless, and lightweight design great for home and travel

3. Best Portable Model: Panasonic Cordless Dental Water Flosser Collapsible – Ew-Dj10-A

If you’re in the market looking for a brand with the best water flosser, Panasonic is one company that delivers high-end units. This cordless product is not only good for use at home but also great for business trips. The collapsible design allows for easy storing or packaging into a backpack. The most interesting features guarantee clean and white teeth.

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The characteristics include two speed pulsing high and low. High-speed is suitable for everyday cleaning, while low setting is gentler and considerable for sensitive gums. It comes with a water tank that is easy to refill and let you floss longer (up to 40 seconds) for thorough food particle removal. This Panasonic cordless dental flosser is water-resistant, thus okay for bathing or showering. 

Users’ remarks cover it small and little weight allowing them to navigate the device easily with gum-line and crevices. They said it is not expensive yet has everyday flossing features that help them practice daily oral care painlessly. 


  • 20-minutes usage time
  • 5.5 oz. tank capacity 
  • 1,400 pulses per minutes 
  • 2-water pressure settings 
  • Weighs: 14.2 ounces 
  • Collapsible and waterproof design

4. Best for Children: Waterpik Water Flosser For Kids, WP-260

Parents looking for a water flosser for children can choose this Waterpik flosser that is specially designed for kids. Your kids are going to love the baby-look designed and still helps them to achieve odorless and plague free teeth.

Though, it is not a cordless model but doesn’t come heavy or bulky like traditional countertop units. Your child can easily pick and plugin it without exhausting energy and the noble-side, it would help them to start practicing oral health early. So when they grow older, it becomes a part of their routine.

It comes with three pressure level customization, two tips, plenty of detachable cling decals, and a two-year warranty. It is designed to use a global voltage of 100v as such can be used in any country of choice world-wide. Also, never forget, it is not for kids that are below 6-years of age.

Parent’s reviews on this waterpik water flosser for kids, WP-260 is overwhelming, some opinion was on the lightweight design, the colorful finishing, and the fun clings decals. Some mothers emphasize the flexible maneuvering of the unit around their children’s teeth and gum-line areas than dental floss can’t do. 

Features at glance 

  • 3-speed settings
  • 1-classic jet tip
  • 1-orthodontic tip
  • 20-fun removable cling decals 
  • 2-years warranty 
  • 60 seconds of reservoir capacity 
  • It weighs 15.8 ounces 

5. Cheap and Affordable: Philips Sonicare AirFloss Rechargeable Electric Flosser, HX8211/03

This Philips Airfloss is one of the reasonably priced products in this water flosser comparison. It comes, listed at 49.99 dollars, however, prices can fluctuate due to market forces. Nevertheless, you won’t spend much and still get the best flosser for your needs.

The electric water flossing device requires no plugin, it is a rechargeable type, and thus, allows you to take it anywhere you want it. You can conveniently use it at your indoor level, take along to the office, and others impromptu traveling.

The unit removes up to 5x more plaque compared to manual brushing, and it’s ideal for veneers, implants or the orthodontic patient. When the battery is fully-charge, it can last one week and takes only 24 hours to charge the battery. You can refill it with ordinary water or mouthwash, which will last you up to 30-seconds of cleaning routine. The shipping comes with a PDF user manual that takes you through the process of setting up, using, and troubleshooting the device in case of problems.

So far, reviewers comment on this Philips Sonicare AirFloss Rechargeable Electric Flosser, HX8211/03, amazing how seamlessly they find it useful in cleaning and maintaining their gums and keeping whitening teeth like never before. According to a user, I have improved my oral care earnestly. 


  • Up to 1-week battery life 
  • Clean impressively within 60 seconds
  • 2-nozzle and nozzle storage 
  • 2-years limited warranty 
  • Single, double and triple burst
  • Weighs 11.2 ounces 

6. Best 2-in-1-Flosser: Waterpik Complete Care 9.0 Sonic Electric Toothbrush + Water Flosser

Rounding up this water flosser reviews section comes the Waterpik Complete Care 9.0. This unit comes with a standard electric sonic toothbrush, which is not available in the first Waterpik products review on this page. Therefore you can brush your teeth with the dental floss option and also water pick making it more economical to most units. The Sonic brush is removable from the parent body, and a rechargeable model as well. Most relevantly, this brush offers three modes, such as clean, massage, and massage whiten mode, which is clinically proven to remove 9x stains as regular brushes.

From the review list, it is the second most expensive item, and also, the countertop shouldn’t be used while bathing because it is not a water-proof model. Nevertheless, Waterpik’s complete care is proven laboratory wise to removing plagues up to 99 percent, prevent tooth decay, including future dental work. From the ten pressure levels, you’ll able to create a flossing speed that makes you feel better and comfortable and 5-different selectable tips for your need and 2-brush head inclusive. 

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Our findings and conclusion on the various Waterpik devices, if you need an all-in-one-countertop oral irrigator, we recommend this Waterpik Complete Care 9.0 Sonic Electric Toothbrush + Water Flosser for you unless you’re looking for cordless design product. 

Features at Glance 

  • Ten water flossing speed-levels
  • Two classic jet tips for general use
  • One plague seeker for an implant and dental work
  • One orthodontic tip for braces and crowns
  • 1 Pik pocket for periodontal pocket 
  • Tip storage 
  • Water flosser + Sonic toothbrush 
  • Swivel handle and magnetic cradle 
  • Weighs only 2 pounds only

Why Do Dentist Recommend Water Flossers

If you have a painful teeth history, when you pay a visit to a dentist, he or she is probably going to recommend water flossing as a complementary means of flossing. The effectiveness of a standard dental floss help to clean tight spaces between teeth. They’re often helpful too for scraping up and down the sides of one’s tooth. Consequently, some people bleed when using a dental brush, and that’s where water pick importance sets into the picture.

Not that a Waterpik is more effective than your everyday dental floss. But the way the device works, releasing a gentle stream of pressure water, brings out food particles from the mouth and hence reduces gums bleeding rate. Besides, it minimizes mouth bacteria. 

More so, if you are battling with gingivitis, or any other form of mouth-related diseases or mouth odor, the water flosser is way better to manage the condition properly.  However, water flossing cannot be a replacement for your traditional brush, yet its importance cannot be over-emphasized.

Is a Water Flosser Good for Implants?

First and foremost, what is an implant? Quoting from an article posted by Dental Tribune, said the global market for a dental implant is estimated to be over $9.1 billion way back in 2018, and this means, the rate at which people are undergoing endosseous implant or fixture is on the high side. 

Therefore, a dental implant is a surgical component called an abutment that interferes with bones of the skull or jaw to sustain dental reconstruction. 

Since this surgical treatment is an artificial way to make up for your missing teeth, if you try to use a traditional brush for the implants, you are going to experience a seizure. To avoid this, a Waterpik is, therefore, the best flossing method, dental experts recommend for implants.

Different Types of Water Flossers 

It is not all about jumping into the market looking for a water flosser, but the type to choose is the fundamental of knowing which oral irrigator is best for your oral health care. Here the various options to be aware of:

Corded water flossers: These models come in cord designs, which are permanently attached to the parent. Therefore, it utilizes water from the parent-body meeting your flossing need. From our water flosser reviews, the Waterpik Aquarius Designer Series – WP 672 is a typical example of a corded flosser.

Cordless water flosser: This comes in portable design, making them fit for traveling. A cordless flosser uses a rechargeable battery, and most units come in waterproof design. So they can be used alongside as you bath. 

Corded water flosser for faucet: This require connection to your home faucet. The faucet supply water to the device. So it wouldn’t need manual refilling. They can be difficult to use. Therefore, we do not suggest a faucet device. 

Water flosser + Toothbrush: An example of this type is the Waterpik complete care 9.0 It comes with 2-in-1 design, such as water flossing tips and a toothbrush. 

What Are the Benefits of Water Flosser

  1. Reduced bleeding gum: A release of a pressured water cannot cause bleeding gums, unlike traditional dental floss.
  • 2. Easy to use: String flossing can be turbulent. You’ve to be careful, making sure all the spaces are covered. If you run out of luck, you might hurt yourself. On the other hand, a water flosser is easier to use. Just point the tips to your gum line and press the button for water to come out.
  • Effectively cleanse braces: There is no device rather than a water flosser that can clean braces effectively. Also, it’s perfect for cleaning hard to reach areas and spaces between wire and bracket, which a dental string floss cannot achieve.
  • Gingivitis Reduction: The use of water flosser daily according to recent studies, effectively lessen gingivitis compared to other forms of oral hygiene method.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Water Flosser System

Daily demand for water flosser is rapidly increasing because of how efficient and effective the device is compared to other methods. Owing to the high demand, manufacturers are introducing new products into the market every day. If you’re not carefree, you may end up choosing the wrong choice. To avoid the long run regret and wasteful spending, the following features enumerated below are the basics for making a wise decision regarding the best water flosser:
A. What is your budget?

As there many water flossers on the market, that’s how their prices vary.  Another thing, they don’t cost much as such, it might be tricky figuring which is a good budget one. Nevertheless, the aim here is to pick a product that can last a number of years before it eventually dies. If I was to be in your position choosing a unit from Waterpik, which is a household name, that’s what I will do, but that does not mean other brands are not reliable.

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B. What is your demand?

Your reason for investing in a water flosser may be different from others. For instance, a unit with a variable pressure level is okay for an individual with sensitive teeth, because they can adjust the speed to a more comfortable level. A water flosser that can be regulated is also beneficial to children’s use. They can quickly reduce the pressure to suit them.

C. No. of Tips:

If you pick a water flosser that comes with up to 3 flossing tips, you’ll be to achieve different needs.  What a classic jet tip can do, an orthodontic tip can do it. So properly check before you pick a unit.

D. Warranty:

This is another aspect to check, as it gives some level of peace of mind. Warranties can either be short or long, depending on the manufacturer. Choose a product that features a lengthy months.

Types of Water flosser tips and usefulness

1. Classic Jet Tips

This is the standard tip for everyday use. It is used to clean below the gum line and between teeth to avert gum disease and improve your overall oral well-being.

  • Application Area: For general-use
  • Replacement Time: Every 6-months 

How to use Classic Jet Tips:

Begin the flossing from the back of your teeth, then proceed gradually to the gumline, pause little in-between teeth, and then try reaching the tip to your gum-line while positioning the tip at a ninety-degree angle. 

2. Orthodontic Tip

This water flosser tip is used for removing plaque from braces and orthodontics. Also helps in flushing out food debris and bacteria from under the gums and around the teeth.   

  • Application Area: for braces, general use, and Orthodontic appliances
  • Replacement Time: Every three months

How to use orthodontic Tip

Softly glide the orthodontic tips along your gumline. Pause for a second, gently brush the region between your teeth and about the orthodontic appliance before moving to the next tooth. 

3. Plaque Seeker

This is also a plaque removal tip and usually works for all kinds of dental work and difficult-to-reach-mouth-areas. It consists of 3 thin bristles that get rids of stubborn plaque around implants, bridges, veneers, and crowns. 

  • Application Areas: For implants, crowns, general use, and bridges. 
  • Replacement Time: Every three months

How to use Plaque Seeker 

Ensure the tip is placed close to your teeth, making sure the bristles are slightly touching your teeth. As you’re water picking, gently slide the tip near your gum-line, wait for some seconds while still in the position. Gently brush the teeth while allowing water to flow between your teeth to clean out the food debris.   

4. Tongue Cleaner

A tongue cleaner is a spoon-like shape device. It is used to scrub the tongue, trapping, and removing bacteria from the mouth, and this helps to prevent bad breath. 

  • Why use this: Promote fresh breath
  • Replacement Time: Every six months

How to use Pik Pocket

While the device is still off, set the pressure-level to the lowest- speed. Place the tip at a 45-degree angle against your teeth and gently move it under your gumline into the pocket region and then turn-it-on for use. 

  • Warning: If you notice any separation of a tip in the Pik pocket, do not use it. 
Most Frequently Asked Questions

When should I replace my water flosser tip? The following tips, such as Plaque Seeker, Orthodontic tips, and Pik Pocket should be replaced after 3months while Classic Jet Tip and the tongue cleaner every six months. 

Can different people use a water flosser with multiple tips? Yes, family members can use the same water flosser as the tip can be removed for the next person to insert theirs. 

How do I change my water flosser tip? To remove the tip, press the tip eject-button and take it out, but if you aren’t sure, refer to the user instructions for assistance. 

How to clean my water flosser tip?

Follow this step:

  • Press the eject button
  • Remove the tip from the parent body
  • Soak the flosser tip inside a vinegar solution or hydrogen period for 5 minutes 
  • Finally, rinse it with a warm water solution. 

Final words on this water flossers guide

As seen above, a water flosser is a device that release a gentle stream of water at pressure level which can be regulated by users. We also saw that it is not painful using a water flosser unlike dental flosser that hurt people when not handle properly.  

If your family has history of bleeding gums or any other dental work such as implants, wearing of crowns, etc. water picking floss method is going to help you achieve painless flossing. The buying guide is another section that highlighted the things you should consider for choosing the best water flosser.

We also believe the consumer reports cited in the products discussion or in the water flossers reviews section would make you make wise decision.

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