The Truth About Waterpik WP-952 Water Flosser and Sonic ToothBrush

The market is literally flooded with products and gadgets that promise the best results when it comes to oral care but sadly none of them can live up to their promises. However the Waterpik WP-952 Water Flosser is an exception, this comes with a Sonic toothbrush and guarantees to give your teeth the cleaning it needs. The best part is that it does not cause any discomfort while cleaning which makes it a safe product to use. The sonic toothbrush is so efficient that it reaches the most difficult corners of your mouth and gives it a good cleaning. This device boasts of vast improvements over the previous models released in the market.

The Truth About Waterpik WP-952 Water Flosser and Sonic ToothBrush
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  • You can now avail the benefits of flossing and brushing with one gadget
  • The device is designed to save space and it is portable
  • People with veneers, bridges, crowns, implants and braces
  • The water flosser has 10 different settings for flossing
  • 4 different brush heads included with 2 brushing speeds
  • The gadget removes all plaque and debris from your teeth making your mouth free from bacteria
  • Helps to prevent bad breath
  • You can treat any gum disease by at  least 50%
  • The manufacturer provides a 2 years warranty
  • You can notice visible changes within 14 days
  • Very easy to use as the user manual included has instructions laid down very clearly
  • Perfect product for people with bridges, crowns, implants  and braces
  • Approved by the Dental association
  • The finishing of the product is top notch which means it will last for a very long time to  come
  • This product combines pulsations and water pressure which helps to clean all the plaque between the teeth
  • The  flosser and toothbrush removes 99.99 % of plaque from your teeth within a very short time
  • Better than any other product in the market right now


  • The users may experience some buzzing sensation while using this product but it is not a major problem at all. You should not feel discouraged to buy this product.

When you analyze all the aspects the Waterpik WP-952 Water Flosser of it is safe to say that it is almost flawless minus the minor problems it may have. The pluses outweigh the negatives by a far cry. This has already gained tremendous amount of popularity in the market and has received rave reviews in the press. As a user you will not experience any sort of discomfort in your mouth which means you can use this on a daily basis. The device has user friendly controls with multiple settings and so if even if you are first timer you will still be able to use it well. Use this product for a couple of weeks and you will notice visible results. So if you want a healthy set of pearly whites that are free from bacteria this is the product that you should be buying without any hesitation.

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