Why The Waterpik WP-940 and Sonic Toothbrush Units Is Better Than The Others?

These days brushing is not enough you need to follow a complete oral care routine to make sure your teeth and gums are in perfect health always. The Waterpik WP-940 and Sonic Toothbrush is designed to fulfill your every requirement. With this state of the art equipment you can now expect to get rid of plaque and debris within a couple of seconds. So you no longer need to depend on flossing strings. The best part is teenagers who are wearing braces can use this to keep their teeth clean at all times.

Waterpik WP-940
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  • This product is so user friendly that cleaning the teeth has become so much easier
  • This is not to be confused with a regular tooth brush; this sonic toothbrush can clean hard to reach places in between your teeth as it doubles as a flosser
  • The best part about this product is that the quality is so good that you can rely on it to clean your teeth in the safest way possible
  • The manufacturer has been in the business for years and so there is no doubt that this  tooth brush will boast of superior quality
  • The sales package contains the tooth brush with dual brushing speeds, two different brush heads, travel case, Orthodontic wax, a classic tip, a tip for plaque seeker and 2 different orthodontic tips.
  • This is a complete product that can help you keep your teeth clean at all times
  • Perfect product for all those who are wearing braces or undergoing any form of orthodontic treatments
  • Since the tooth brush uses Sonic technology it can even clean areas that a normal brush will have trouble reaching.
  • The toothbrush comes with an led indicator and achieves 30500 strokes within a minute
  • The pulse for every minute  is 1400
  • The device can be used with 120 VAC power supply
  • The finishing of the product is top notch so it is evident that this will last for a very long time
  • This will product will help you maintain  a sparkling smile that you always desired


  • The toothbrush tends to have a vibrating sensation that may annoy people, but the overall performance is outstanding. So do not feel discouraged to buy this product.


This Waterpik WP-940 Sonic Toothbrush is totally worth the money that you spend on it.  This Sonic Toothbrush that comes with it is designed to help you maintain a sparkling smile and most importantly healthy gums and teeth. The manufacturer has been in the business for a good number of years so you can be assured of buying a product of superior quality and most importantly it is approved by the Dental Association.  Use this device for a couple of weeks and watch your teeth become free of plaque and debris. You will experience freshness in your mouth and devoid of any bad breath. So now that you have a pretty good idea on how good this product really is just buy it without any hesitation.

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