Yearly Best Water Flosser HQ Scholarship 2017

Best water flosser HQ is a dedicated to undergraduate students within the dental medical field of studying. We provide information and reviews products within the scope of a dental or oral hygiene as well offers possible tips on overall oral health.

For instance: best water flosser, cordless water flosser, water flosser reviews etc.

However, we value the importance of quality education in our society and for this reason, we dim in fit to support students through yearly scholarship organizing, where prospective winners will be given award to the sum of $1,500 globally.

Our scholarship is targeted for undergraduate and postgraduate students within the medical field of practice and also researchers.

However, if you find our scholarship beneficial and you think you have all what it takes to win this award this year, then go through the participation details below and send in your application.


Participants are to conduct a thorough research and write an essay not longer than 1,200 words on the topic “Should Water Flosser Replace The Traditional Dental Floss”

Our interest is to find out the individual opinion in order for us to develop our upcoming yearly oral hygiene health magazine.

The best essay would be awarded the check of $1500.


Participation is opened to high school, undergraduates and post graduate students.

It is important that the essay submitted is your original material because all submission would be checked for plagiarism.


Write on the topic in not more than 1200 words and send in your submission as an email with the attached essay in a word .doc file.

Email your submission to with details listed below in the body of the message

  • Personal Data (First & Last name, Phone, and Address).
  • School Name.
  • Course of Study.
  • Any valid document which can proof that you are currently studying.
  • School Website

Submission of the essay gives us the right of usage; either on our website or for promotional purpose on other media outlets.


Deadline for essay submission is August 31st, and check would be mailed out to the school by 7th of September.

$1,500 check will be sent directly to your college.

This is an annual scholarship program.