Difference between Bridges vs Implants Medical Advise

The human teeth used for crushing meals need to be properly taken care of. To avoid dental diseases, you must practice regular oral hygiene. Dental disease damages the gums and jawbones and can be cleaned by regularly brushing and flossing. Periodontitis that ultimately causes loss of the teeth can be fixed by going for dental bridges and implants. You can boost your self-esteem and confidence simply by having great oral hygiene. Perfect teeth help you smile brighter, maintain your facial structures, jawline, healthy oral tissues, improve one’s speech, and pronunciation. Therefore, understanding dental bridges vs implants will help you choose which one of them is good for you.

What is Dental Bridge and Implants

Difference between Bridges vs Implants Medical Theory

A dental bridge is a dental process of fixing dentures as a replacement for missing teeth. These dentures may be made with nylon, metal, or acrylic materials. These materials are mouth friendly and very safe to use.  The price of dental bridges ranges depending on the type you want. The different types of dental bridges include traditional, Maryland, implant-supported, and cantilever. 

Dental implants on the other hand is a surgical procedure for replacing the damaged teeth. You can select going for either the fixed teeth or the removable teeth and a combination of both to replace the natural ones. Dental implants procedures differ according to individual oral issues. Dentists can use either the subperiosteal implants or the endosteal implants depending on the best one to address your oral health issue.

Both procedures are very effective guaranteeing you a natural look, brighter smiles, and boosting your confidence among crowds. Implants and bridges help you eat better without wincing. Restore your jaw bone lost when you lose your natural teeth. It also helps you restore aesthetics. They are lightweight and very comfortable giving your mouth the natural look. Maintaining your dental implants and bridges is easy, you simply follow all the dentists’ advice and stick to all the post-surgical guides.   

Choosing Between Dental Bridges Vs Implants

Dentists use both dental bridges and implants to address periodontitis. To rightly choose between these two procedures that will address your dental issue, read the following:

  • Dentist Advice And Recommendation: The first and most advisable factor to consider before going for bridges Vs implants is to go for dental check-ups. Gingivitis and periodontitis attack the teeth differently. Your trained and experienced dentists will help check its growth in your teeth. This will help you rightly decide to go for either an implant or a dental bridge. Gingivitis can be treated with regular brushing and flossing of the teeth daily. While advanced periodontitis will need to be implanted or bridged.
  • Weigh The Pros And Cons Of Both: To decide between bridges Vs implants, weigh all the side effects, health risks, and requirements for both procedures. You may have milder side effects with a bridge procedure when compared to implant side effects. The Implants require lower post-surgical maintenance than the dental bridge. Some of the side effects of going for dental implants surgery include swollen face and gum, mouth infection, mouth injuries, damaged gum, and skin bruise. You may also experience post-surgical effects like the nerve cells’ damages and Sinus cavities problems.
  • Denture Weight: Dentures used for dental bridges are lighter than the dentures used for dental implants. The screws inside the dentures for implants makes it heavier than bridges.  This makes it very easy and comfortable to chew in the mouth.
  • Natural Look: To be assured of natural touch in choosing between the bridges Vs implants, you should consider the fact that the dental implants is the procedure for replacing a missing tooth or the complete fix of the teeth, therefore it looks more natural in the mouth.

Bridges Vs implants What You Should Know

  • Durability 

Because of the wholesome surgical procedure involved for the dental implants, it tends to stay more durable than the dental bridges

  • Denture support

After the dental procedure, the dentures used for bridges need the support of the teeth around it to stand. However, the dentures used for the implants do not strain on the teeth for support. It can firmly stand on its own.

  • Cost

You may consider going for a dental bridge as it is more affordable than the dental implant which is more expensive. The bridges’ costs range between $1500-15000 for single and whole fixing. While the implant ranges between $10000-$60000.

  • Fixing Time  

While choosing between bridges Vs implants, you may consider the time involved for both procedures. If a quick fix is what your busy schedule can take you may consider going for the bridges as it takes less than a month to prepare and operate. A dental implant surgical procedure takes about 90days to prepare, carry out, and other post-surgical examinations.  You need a less post-surgical visit with the dental bridges, however, a dental implant requires regular post-surgical appointments to ensure longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Is A Bridge Vs Implant: Bridge prices differ according to the types, the cantilever and traditional bridges cost 2000-5000, the Maryland bridge costs $1500-$2500, the implant-supported bridges cost $5000-$15000. Dental implants are however more expensive than bridges. The single arch restoration costs between 3000-5000 while the full restoration of the teeth procedure costs $30000 – $60000.
  • When Do You Need To Get Dental Bridge Or Implant: You need a dental bridge or dental implant with the onset of gingivitis that brings headache, bad breath, and inflamed gums which are caused by irregular brushing and flossing of the teeth. A dental implant is a necessary procedure when the gingivitis has advanced into periodontitis. Periodontitis causes the loss of the teeth. You can opt for either of the two procedures depending on your doctored recommendations.


For brighter natural smiles, the proper ability to chew, the confidence boost the bridges, and the dental implant is your best investment. When faced with the dilemma of choosing between bridges vs implants you should pick based on your individual dental needs as determined by a trained and qualified dentist. The costs can also help you select. Take into consideration the risks and maintenance involved with both procedures before going for either one. All that been checked, go ahead with booking your dental bridge vs implant appointment!